nFocus Solutions™ Introduces New Ways To Measure Program Effectiveness

PHOENIX, ARIZONA- August 18, 2020 – nFocus Solutions introduces a first of its kind feature from the company’s TraxSolutions® software that allows users to measure pre and post gains and losses by leveraging the tools SurveyTrax module. This analysis feature gives clients the ability to understand the efficacy of their interventions, programs, and services, helping them connect their success points to achieving maximum results for those they serve.


SurveyTrax allows for custom surveys and/or the use of existing templates, the new analysis and reporting features support both options. Additional features include capabilities that allow users to compare responses and scores from the same as well as from different pre and post-assessments. Users can also compare multiple responses in a single survey. The new features support clients in collecting and analyzing their data, while also assisting them in achieving more successful outcomes for their constituents.


“Everything we do is focused on eliminating the gap between our client’s mission and their ability to deliver results. Citizens around the world depend on our clients to deliver mission-essential services. Our approach ensures data-driven decision making because better data means better outcomes,” said Ananda Roberts, President of nFocus Solutions.


To learn more about how nFocus Solutions can help you collect better data for better outcomes, attend one of our free webinars or contact us today. To read how clients have used SurveyTrax to support a data-driven programming approach, click here.

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