Tracking Community Impact For Your Meal Service Program With TraxSolutions®

Track Meals, Food, and Snacks Using These Simple Steps

Meal Service Program Data

1. Choose How To Record Meal Service Program Data

Choose between three easy to use modules available in TraxSolutions® to upload meal service program data, including Participant Management and the Trax Attendance Manager app for desktop and mobile.

Meal Service Program Data

2. Upload Your Meal Service Program Data

TraxSolutions® clients can download easy to use instructions for recording meal service program data by logging into their TraxSolutions account, and clicking here for Participant Management, here for Trax Attendance Manager for desktop, here for Trax Attendance Manager for mobile, and here for tracking participants not already enrolled with your organization.

Meal Service Program Data

3. Prove Your Impact

Use TraxSolutions® robust reporting capabilities to prove the collective impact of your broader community efforts. Attend our free webinars to learn how to use your data to tell your community meal service impact story. See how our simple and intuitive reports can highlight the number of participants served year over year, show the difference in demographic data of those receiving meals before our public health challenge and now, and compare data with those typically receiving meal service.

* To learn about additional methods and workflows to track and record your meal service program data, or for reporting needs unique to your organization, please contact client services.