Community Centers

Community centers serve a vital role bringing people together for social and recreational activities, and functioning as a delivery point for access to public services and information. While centers vary in size, demographics, and mission, they all share a need to understand who they’re serving, what programs are utilized, and how they’re making a difference for the members in their neighborhood.


As the industry leader in Community Center participant management software, TraxSolutions has a scalable architecture so you can automate your operation right now, secure in the knowledge the system can grow along with your needs. Whether you work with kids, seniors, or everyone in between, Trax is the right choice for your organization.

Michael Bledsoe
Volunteer Manager
Executive Summary

Peter Paul is a community center that serves youth, families, and senior citizens in the east end of Richmond, VA. Its mission is to support the surrounding community by educating its students and equipping them to serve as positive contributors to their family, community, and society. By educating children, engaging families, and empowering the community, the organization seeks to serve as a change agent.


The organization’s programs are essential in fostering an environment that creates an opportunity for children and families to thrive. To offer and operate these programs, volunteers are a critical component to the organziation’s success, which is why they use TraxSolutions’ VolunteerTrax product to collect and manage volunteer information. The tool saves them time and money, so they can focus on furthering programs by proving outcomes to secure additional funding. Using data collected from TraxSolutions, the organization is able to show how its programs provide participants with the tools needed to be productive contributors to society. Through the use of our software, the organization has been able to demonstrate that it supports 350 students in grades 2-12 across its five locations. Further data shows an 87% improvement in academic performance.


Managing volunteer time and records across multiple programs.

Solutions Used

Reduction in data entry time by consolidating volunteer time and records in one system allowed for an increased focus on programs, contributing to a 90% improvement in homework completion and class participation.

Jamie Summers, Data Outcomes and Analytics Manager
The largest childcare care provider in the greater Phoenix Area, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley empowers kids and families by providing high quality and affordable programs including summer camps, after-school enrichment activities, arts, physical fitness, character development, education and academic support, and leadership training. A recent merger of two of its larger organizations resulted in what is now Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley.
Having served more than 19,343 youth, the organization fills a critical after school service need that focuses on outcome-driven experiences. To achieve this, the organization’s mission depends heavily on the right data to prove the right outcomes. After the merger was completed, an opportunity was created to integrate data across the organizations and streamline operations, producing consistent, reliable, and accurate data across all organizational sites.
By incorporating TraxSolutions® integrated software across all of its sites, the organization can efficiently and effectively demonstrate academic success, community philanthropy, health and wellness progress, socio-economic benefits, operations, volunteer data, and more. Deploying the innovative software enabled the organization to align its data across all sites, supporting accurate reporting at both the site and enterprise level.

Tracking and monitoring

Participant Management can help you tell your compliance story through accurate and reliable data, including key demographics that easily enable you to showcase your high-performance standards. Moreover, you can rely on TraxAdmin to assist you with centralized data management and reporting. Case Management also serves as a key tracking feature, allowing you to strategically plan for successful outcomes by building well-defined metrics that track community care progress.


Easily manage program enrollments and funded initiatives with one convenient solution. Use Online Registration to save time by empowering participants to self-register and enroll in your programs online, and accept program fees 24/7 with MoneyTrax.


Participant tracking powered by Trax Attendance Manager makes collecting and managing participant attendance simple. Easily record attendance with batch scans or a single scan, whether you’re connected or not. Attendance can be captured manually, or with a smartphone or tablet. Your integrated data will automatically update the next time you connect.


Use Outcome Measurement Toolkit to create automated reports and charts that inform program effectiveness. Custom reports can be created to view overarching organizational data, or specific program or participant data. Leverage flexible logic models that turn your inputs, actions, and outputs into compelling outcomes.