Youth Development Programs

At nFocus Solutions™, we see it as our duty to provide database platforms to organizations that promote opportunities for families and individuals to achieve stability and self-sufficiency, and children to grow up safe, healthy, and ready for school. We created TraxSolutions® as a tool for you to manage quality data to make a difference for those you serve.


TraxSolutions® can create complete action plans that allow for the holistic or step by step review of goals, allowing case managers or staff members to track the detailed progress of each participant. In addition, our Case Management module features full field customization and affords clients ultimate flexibility by allowing them the ability to track and manage case plans across case types, Theories of Change and outcome metrics.

Darla Otey
Executive Director
Executive Summary

Girls Inc. of Pinellas is the only organization in the area focused on providing high-level academic enrichment for female youth ages 5 to 18, building the skills they needed to achieve academic success. The organization’s mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.


The organization’s robust curriculum includes science, technology, engineering and math, literacy, creative arts, healthy living/life skills, and related societal subjects. Programs are designed to fuel the organization’s mission, providing those they serve with the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities that place them in leadership roles and assist in learning about healthier living in an all-girl environment. To support its mission and collect time and attendance data using Trax Attendance Manager, the organization looks to TraxSolutions® for its data analytics efforts leading to smarter decision-making and greater impact for better outcomes.

Client, TAM

Girls Inc. of Pinellas


Tracking participants at offsite programs and events.

Solutions Used

Staff can easily scan participants in and out on the go, and use collected data to evaluate program effectiveness by reviewing true hours served, and the impact that resulted from those hours.

Ron Baltazar
Manager of Evaluation Evaluation Research
Police Athletic League
Executive Summary

Police Athletic League (PAL) is New York City’s largest independent youth development non-profit organization. It serves more than 35,000 children each year, ranging from preschool children to high school graduates. The organization offers a variety of programs and services to youth in New York City’s most challenging neighborhoods.


For over ten years, the organization has relied on TraxSolutions® software to serve as a reliable database across multiple sites, saving countless precious hours of administration time while also making data management simple with the Trax Administrator module, which allows the organization to access and manage data for all of its sites. By using our software, the organization can easily report that 100% of high school seniors enrolled in PAL’s In-School Training and Employment Program graduated on time, and 90% went on to enroll in college. Further, they could also show that among younger kids who participated in PAL SMARTS classes, 97% have been promoted to the next grade level. Data like this is crucial to increasing revenue and resources across the organization.


Managing disparate data across more than twenty sites.

Solutions Used

Centralized data management makes attendance tracking and reporting more convenient, and enables staff to easily compare reports that provide accurate service and demographic data for proposals, resulting in increased program funding.

Time and attendance

Participant management provides you with the tools you need to scan participants in and out of your center using scannable custom ID cards, so you can efficiently and effectively track time and attendance. The tool can also be used to track demographic details, helpful in identifying how your programs can best serve participants. Moreover, participant enrollment is a useful feature. You can also rely on Trax Attendance Manager to track program participants either onsite or on the go offsite, including tracking staff and volunteer time and attendance.


Increase revenue and program participation by enabling participant enrollment on a web-based portal using Online Registration. You can all also charge and accept fees in the same area using MoneyTrax. Moreover, if last-minute individual program changes happen or your overall center closes because of unexpected occurrences, such as weather conditions, you can send real-time alerts to participants using TraxTalk.

Tracking and monitoring

Use Case Management to measure your individual and household impact. Create your own assessments and logic models in one end-to-end solution and to monitor and evaluate program effectiveness.  Use SurveyTrax to send surveys and assessments that enable valuable participant feedback.


Outcome Measurement Toolkit allows you to simplify your reporting, making it easy to prove your outcomes to funders. You can also demonstrate participant progress against well well-defined goals, and even show overall program attendance that highlights average daily attendance and frequency of attendance data.