The SurveyTrax Assessment tool is integrated with TraxSolutions and lets users create, administer, and report on virtually any survey or assessment. Use Surveys to gather the feedback you need to make program management decisions and measure your organization’s impact on the members you serve.

  • Surveys can include branching, multi-language support, metrics, and several question and response formats.

  • Modify ready-made templates or easily create custom surveys.

  • Measure your impact with pre- and post-program analysis for repeated-measures and statistical analysis.

  • Enable anonymous responses and mask personally identifiable information.

  • Supports a wide range of question and response types, including True/False, Yes/No, multiple-choice, numeric, ratings, sliders, Likert Scales, rank ordering, and more.

TraxSolutions SurveyTrax iPad

SurveyTrax Pre and Post-Analysis Report

Easily compare pre and post-survey results with new reporting capabilities that allow you to compare responses and scores from different pre and post assessments. You can even compare multiple responses from the same survey.

SurveyTrax Pre and Post