The SurveyTrax Assessment tool is integrated with TraxSolutions and lets users create, administer, and report on virtually any survey or assessment. Use Surveys to gather the feedback you need to make program management decisions and measure your organization’s impact on the members you serve.

  • Surveys can include branching, multi-language support, metrics, and several question and response formats.

  • Modify ready-made templates or easily create custom surveys.

  • Measure your impact with pre- and post-program analysis for repeated-measures and statistical analysis.

  • Enable anonymous responses and mask personally identifiable information.

  • Supports a wide range of question and response types, including True/False, Yes/No, multiple-choice, numeric, ratings, sliders, Likert Scales, rank ordering, and more.

TraxSolutions SurveyTrax iPad

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Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis
Gathering feedback from a broad-based sample of participant families.
SurveyTrax, Participant Management, Online Measurement Toolkit, and TraxAdmin

The organization regularly connects with participant families using custom surveys to gather valuable input resulting in growth to its priority outcome areas.

Executive Summary

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis is on a mission to inspire and enable its community’s youth. To support those they serve to reach their full potential, the organization provides after-school, teen, sports, and summer programs in a safe environment where youth can learn and grow.


Serving more than 1,500 teens annually, the organization plays an integral role in the area’s youth development. To ensure the most significant impact and robust programming, the organization leverages the power of TraxSolutions® software to take a research and data-based approach towards demonstrating its impact.

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Keisha Caruthers
Director of Program Initiative
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