Tracking Attendance for Your Virtual Programs with TraxSolutions®

Record Online Attendance In Three Easy Steps

Tracking virtual programs

1. Export Online Attendance Reports

After you’ve completed your online program using Zoom Pro or GoToMeeting, simply export your attendance data and save it as a Microsoft Excel file. For Microsoft Teams, download and save a Microsoft Excel file of online program attendees during your meeting.

Tracking virtual programs

2. Choose How To Record Online Attendance Data

Choose from three easy options to upload online program attendance data into TraxSolutions® using Trax Attendance Manager (both desktop and mobile) and Participant Management. Register now for our three-part webinar series to learn more: Virtual Attendance With TraxSolutions, Trax Attendance Manager For Mobile, and Trax Attendance Manager For Desktop.

Tracking virtual programs

3. Upload Online Attendance Data

TraxSolutions® clients can download easy to use instructions for recording remote program attendance by logging in to their TraxSolutions account, and clicking here for Participant Management, here for Trax Attendance Manager for desktop, and here for Trax Attendance for mobile.

*If you need to track a mix of in-person and virtual attendance, or to ask about other tracking or reporting needs unique to your organization, please contact client services.