Workforce Development

Workforce development programs are central to revitalizing the communities they serve. By creating flexible, inclusive and industry-driven workforce training environments they prepare workers for success, and allow employers to grow. Whether publicly or privately funded, our workforce development clients tend to help neighborhood residents who are unemployed or underemployed—and often in traditionally underrepresented groups—upscale their skills to be relevant to fit the 21st century workforce.


TraxSolutions® workforce development software is ideal for managing workforce development programs, facilitating integrated service delivery, and enabling coordination across system providers. With real-time secure access to student and case data, providers can develop and deliver training programs as unique as their students. Since TraxSolutions is optimized for measuring outcomes, you’ll have the data you need to measure how program performance aligns with organizational goals and objectives.

Workforce development software
Diana Vasquez
Director of Employment Services
Case Study: Data Centralization
Executive Summary

RE:work Richmond is located in the east end of Richmond, Virginia. On a mission to prepare and connect heads of households in the east end with the right family-sustaining careers, the organization is focused on building employment opportunities to serve as the fastest, most direct way to move families beyond the poverty line.


To bridge the gap between mission and impact, the organization leverages TraxSolutions® workforce development software to collect, manage, and report data pertaining to those they serve. Through the use of the solution’s Case Management module, the organization is able to track participant progress against well-defined goals, transitioning participants from poverty to thriving employment opportunities. With the software’s robust reporting capabilities, RE:work Richmond has been able to showcase accurate and reliable data in alignment with its key platforms, including empowerment, education, networking, employment, and compassion. This data is critical in providing its impact to funders and key stakeholders.


Tracking participant case information in a central repository that can be shared across assigned employees and teams.

Solutions Used

By deploying TraxSolutions across the organization, caseworkers are able to quickly and easily collect, store and track important participant case information in a fully integrated single end-to-end solution that allows them to develop action plans and track progress.