Easily manage fees with a convenient all-in-one payment and invoicing solution. With MoneyTrax, your organization can keep on top of your participant’s fees, payments, and credits, ensuring that you never have to worry about organizing a collection of paper receipts again.

  • Accept payments and registrations online when paired with TraxSolutions’ Online Registration module.
  • Easily track fees with one system that is fully integrated with TraxSolutions’ Participant Management module.
  • Quickly access a complete record of past transactions, invoices, credits, and statements to give you better insight into your financial picture.
  • Create an invoice, view a statement, or void a charge with a single click of a button.
  • Manage all aspects of billing/invoicing and create detailed accounting and financial reports.
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Boys & Girls Club of Boston
Manage program participation records and fees in a single repository.
Added convenience and revenue control made charging, tracking, and accepting program fees in a single system easy, resulting in more time to focus on participant achievements and impact.
Executive Summary

Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston is focused on building tomorrow’s leadership by creating sustainable communities today. The organization serves youth ranging from ages 6 to 18, providing a physically and emotionally safe environment for them to develop the skills needed to pursue their goals and interests.


The organization’s programs are designed to make a positive impact on the lives of those they serve, and to measure this, accurate and proven data are necessary. By using TraxSolutions® innovative products, the Boys & Girls Club of Boston can confidently report that 96% of recent participating seniors graduated from high school, and 80% of its participants earned mostly A and B grades. Data like this proves participant engagement and success and serves as a positive indicator of program effectiveness.

Alice Bennett
Director of Evaluation & Outcomes