Case Management in Practice

TraxSolutions’ Case Management module is designed specifically for caseworkers to manage, evaluate, and monitor detailed multi-site or single-site caseworker and counseling information. The web-based solution includes custom reporting options and robust security features designed to provide caseworkers with easy access to high-quality information that supports progress monitoring, outcome evaluation, and program improvements.

Connecting People & Programs

Case Management’s scalable architecture provides field-tested functionality that can be customized for your unique project or site requirements. This architecture is beneficial because in less than two weeks, nFocus Solutions can efficiently tailor a solution and complete a full implementation for your custom needs.

TraxSolutions® For Funders

TraxSolutions advanced software suite can be used by funders to manage administrative and fiscal information about the programs they support, providing real-time data to meet contractual requirements, and determine impact.

TraxSolutions Case Management iPad

Track program progress, produce outcome reporting, and manage counseling notes within the Case Management module.

  • Track participant interactions
  • Create action plans
  • Collect program data
  • Safely secure all counseling data and reports
TraxSolutions Case Management iPad

Case Management Features

  • Track Participant Interactions
    Collect, manage, analyze, and report client-level data across all programs and services, including children, parents, family members, and providers.
  • Develop Action Plans
    Develop and manage action plans that allow for a step-by-step goals review, and fully integrate with designed end-to-end logic models using the Outcome Measurement Toolkit, so you can track detailed participant progress and milestones that relate back to well-defined goals and outcomes.
  • Easily View and Collect Data
    Leverage TraxSolutions’ Participant Management module to track participant demographic and activity information and see individual breakthroughs in an easy-to-use roster format.
  • Extensive Reporting Capabilities
    View real-time data for instant research and evaluation purposes, as well as funder and stakeholder information. Generate a variety of accurate and comprehensive reports to extract your case data, and easily filter results. Use ad-hoc reporting features to export data in multiple formats.
  • Metric Comparison Tools
    Design and distribute surveys directly in the system using TraxSolutions’ SurveyTrax module to easily see how a participant rates against their peers for a particular metric. Use a wide range of question and response types, and measure your impact with pre- and post-program analysis for repeated-measures and statistical analysis.
  • Secure Data
    Restrict access to sensitive data based on user roles and permissions assigned by the system administrator.

Case Management Case Plan Report

Case management offers a variety of reports that give you the ability to track detailed caseworker and counseling information, so you can promote quality outcomes.