VolunteerTrax helps you to efficiently collect and manage all of the critical information about your volunteers. From demographic data and work history to background checks and drug screenings, every piece of volunteer data can be safely and securely stored, managed, and reported with VolunteerTrax.

  • Fully integrated with Trax Attendance Manager for easy time and attendance tracking.

  • Choose from several reports that cover every aspect of volunteer management.

  • Store and access important documents such as background checks, drug screenings, or any other document you need to save securely.

  • Create consolidated schedules showing all-volunteer program assignments.

  • Search for volunteers based on availability, schedule, or demographics.

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Peter Paul Development Center
Managing volunteer time and records across multiple programs.

SurveyTrax, Outcome Measurement Toolkit, and StaffTrax.

Reduction in data entry time by consolidating volunteer time and records in one system allowed for an increased focus on programs, contributing to a 90% improvement in homework completion and class participation.
Executive Summary

Peter Paul Development Center is a community center that serves youth, families, and senior citizens in the east end of Richmond, VA. Its mission is to support the surrounding community by educating its students and equipping them to serve as positive contributors to their family, community, and society. By educating children, engaging families, and empowering the community, the organization seeks to serve as a change agent.


The organization’s programs are essential in fostering an environment that creates an opportunity for children and families to thrive. To offer these programs, funding is critical. Obtaining program support is dependant on the organization’s ability to show how its programs provide participants with the tools needed to be productive contributors to society. Data is one way the center does this, and where it seeks the support of TraxSolutions® to tell its story. Through the use of our software, the organization can show that it supports 350 students in grades 2-12 across its five locations. Further data shows an 87% improvement in academic performance. These numbers and more prove educational outcomes.

Michael Bledsoe
Volunteer and Mentor Coordinator