Outcomes Measurement Webinars

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7 Ways to Track Attendance with TraxSolutions Collecting accurate Time and Attendance data is a critical task for any data-driven nonprofit organization. Knowing the exact number of participants receiving services at your facility is important to your organization from both an operational and fundraising perspective, and nobody offers more ways to track attendance than TraxSolutions!
Please join us for a 15-minute informative webinar where we share an overview of the TraxSolutions system and some of the many methods for attendance tracking supported by the system. TraxSolutions will help you collect data, track your impact, increase donations, and become a data-driven organization.

11/30/202111:00am MST30 minutes
Managing Your Volunteers with TraxSolutions Volunteers are a powerful force for good, changing the world by giving their time, talent and other resources. You can guide these individuals and help them thrive by efficiently channeling their passions and skills to assist with your organization's mission.
The TraxSolutions VolunteerTrax module will help you manage and schedule your volunteers, maintain accurate volunteer records, and track volunteer time and attendance activity. Please join us as we review the features of this powerful TraxSolutions add-on.
12/2/202111:00am MST30 minutes
Pre- and Post- Program Analysis with TraxSolutions Surveys & Assessments SurveyTrax® is a complete web-based survey tool that allows users to create, capture, and produce detailed
reports for any data management purpose. Its flexible design facilitates the tracking of attitudinal, behavioral and experiential
changes among program participants through a simple survey tool. SurveyTrax is integrated with the TraxSolutions membership tracking system, giving you the opportunity to include demographic and attendance data in your analysis.
12/7/202111:00am MST30 minutes
Case Management for Youth and Adult Programs Join us for an overview of the TraxSolutions Case Management system to track in-depth counseling services12/9/202111:00am MST30 minutes