Software That’s Simple Is Software You Need

Overcomplicated solutions are common these days, especially in the software profession. For some reason, computer technology tends to lead people towards convoluted tools when straightforward options are either available or designable.

What I can tell you from my time in the industry is that sometimes it’s easier to let the design process lead you to a complicated interface than it is to strip away all the junk and streamline a system people can use with minimal training. That’s the irony –the harder it is to use, the easier it was to create. Simplifying software takes a lot of work on the front end and requires consideration that can be easy to overlook or ignore when your main goal is to push a product out to the market.

At nFocus, we let our clients dictate what needs to be developed, changed or modified. It’s always good to have a new release for the world to see, and we like impressing our clients with solutions they might not have expected. But when development is rushed, and when the interface is overdesigned or too intricate, the rollout might impress temporarily but will eventually be problematic.

All of our clients are motivated by things like accuracy, ease of use, and convenience. For them, the emphasis on accountability can’t be overstated. Any overly complicated platform feature can compromise their ability to run an efficient operation, let alone provide good reporting. Keeping those considerations in mind, we design our software in a ready-to-go format where confusing interfaces, unclear menu options, or limited functionality are out of the question.

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