Exciting Days In The Shop

A new software tool is on the way from nFocus Solutions – an executive-focused attendance/reporting module we call TraxFacts which is great news for our clients, especially their leadership. It’s also a reminder to me of what I appreciate so much about this line of work. Many of us who work in software are constantly tuning up existing products while progressing on new tools and solution offerings. It requires that we balance several thought channels:

  1. What do we have out there that we can improve?
  2. What new challenges are customers bringing us to solve?
  3. Where are the next opportunities, the ones our clients might not have considered yet?

The channels do, in fact, have something in common: they keep us from resting on our laurels and require us to keep innovating, even when we and our clients might be satisfied with the current state of any given app or module.

For me, it’s an opportunity to grow, which is something I value in my career. And for our clients, it’s a positive guarantee that we’re never sitting idly. We keep the nFocus development environment exciting by taking on our clients’ challenges with a motivated mindset, frequently iterating based on shared client objectives and market needs.

In a company that values innovation, knowing when to take a step back is just as necessary as knowing when to push, and then another collective push until the solution is ready and we can celebrate for a day.

Mark Claassen