Use nFocus Solutions For City-Level Compliance Reporting

November 18, 2021 – Phoenix, AZ

Non-profit and public sector programs operate at all levels, from neighborhood recreation centers to activity networks spread out across entire cities. TraxSolutions®, the software suite designed by nFocus Solutions, includes tracking and reporting modules that give even the largest city-run programs what they need for reporting and compliance for funders and stakeholders, as well as collecting performance metrics. The system also allows the public or an organization’s constituents to register online and complete intake forms online.

“There’s no problem scaling things up, especially when we build the software to scale and adapt to client needs.” said nFocus President Ananda Roberts. “It’s easy to think of non-profit organizations as being limited to their local neighborhood. The truth is that a lot of our clients operate nationally or run their activities across a whole metropolitan area; our tools support both ends of the scale.”

TraxSolutions® modules like Online Registration have been shown to help programs with their administrative and reporting requirements, along with other modules that support the TraxSolutions end-to-end management solution for nonprofits and city run programs and service.

About nFocus Solutions™

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