Workforce Development With nFocus Solutions

November 23, 2021 – Phoenix, AZ

Added to all the incredible work they support in the afterschool space, nFocus Solutions also serves clients specializing in workforce development, with TraxSolutions® modules like Case Management and Participant Management being two of the most popular options for programs that strive to build comprehensive skillsets for individuals who want to enter the workforce.

The training, education and certifications provided through workforce programs are necessary for the development of skills individuals need to add value to local businesses.  TraxSolutions has an end-to-end toolset that is widely recognized for its ability to track and measure every aspect of the education, training, certification, and job placement continuum. 

“Every time a federal tax dollar is committed to programming, as it is in the case of Department of Labor and workforce readiness, it is intended to directly support the needs of the Nation,” shared nFocus Solutions President Ananda Roberts.  “A ready workforce is imperative to our Nation’s economic health.  Our software aggregates data about a person, a demographic group or an entire workforce training system, allowing decision makers to understand ‘what works’ and what needs improvement to successfully achieve the goals and outcomes mandated by stakeholders and expected by the American public.” 

Accountability through accurate data is a vital must-have for most programs operating in workforce development. The TraxSolutions® suite supports each step of the workforce trajectory, from intake to job placement, providing an auditable trail from the individual to the aggregate level. 

About nFocus Solutions™

We give our clients the ability to ask and answer the right questions with greater accuracy and deeper insight. nFocus Solutions serves Public Sector organizations with software and training services that improve their performance.