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Know Who's There. Scannable custom ID cards simplify your program attendance tracking


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Prove Your Outcomes

KidTrax is a nonprofit software solution that gives you the ability to chart your participants’ progress over time. In the performance and outcome measurement dashboards, you can easily show organization leaders and funders exactly how your programs are making an impact and improving their outcomes.

With the dashboards, you’ll:

  • Get a top-down glance at specific information about your entire participant database without manually sorting through multiple records.
  • Interact with clean, simplified line graphs that help you see the trends and patterns in your data, making it easier to forecast for the future.
  • Share your dashboard with other members of your organization so you’re always updated and on the same page.

Know Who’s There

KidTrax, our nonprofit management software, allows you to keep track of your participants’ attendance, time spent at the facility or time in a specific program through custom ID cards.

IDs can be customized to include your organization’s logo, participant information, a photo and more.

When used with our TraxSolutions Orbit scanner, checking people in at the door becomes the easiest task you’ll have all day.

Stay Up to Date

Our nonprofit software provides reports that can help you manage quality data to make a difference for those you serve. Once you identify and designate a head of household, easily connect family records together so you always have the latest information, all within a single click.

    • View comprehensive household records that include economic status and government assistance.
    • Custom naming conventions for each household member ensure data clarity and validity.
  • Access, edit or delete a record effortlessly.