Software Firm nFocus Solutions Looks to Hire New IT and Analyst Talent

November 30, 2021 – Phoenix, AZ

nFocus Solutions currently has open positions in the Analyst, Tech Support/Training, and Engineering fields. Though Phoenix-based, many nFocus employees work elsewhere in the country, with high-priority openings located in Leavenworth, Kansas, Orlando, FL and Fort Huachuca, Arizona, as well as in the headquarters office.

In servicing several important U.S. Government contracts and continuing to innovate performance management software for the non-profit sector, nFocus Solutions depends on the expertise and vast industry knowledge of its world-class technology professionals to produce viable products for its clients. Every bit as important are the support personnel, account managers, and systems analysts who ensure the technology is deployed seamlessly and proficiently utilized.

Ananda Roberts, President of nFocus Solutions, shared. “We’re fortunate to work for some of the greatest organizations in the world, there are brilliant people on the government side and many more with our non-profit clients, as well.”  Our standard is to deliver excellence and trust with every interaction, we work hard to ensure we do what we say and we deliver what we promise.

Resumes and career inquiries may be sent directly to Human Resources Manager Kelly Connelly: [email protected]   

About nFocus Solutions™

We give our clients the ability to ask and answer the right questions with greater accuracy and deeper insight. nFocus Solutions serves Public Sector organizations with software and training services that improve their performance.