Case Management and Canadian Clients

November 9, 2021 – Phoenix, AZ

Driven by a sweeping view of the challenges and realities facing public sector and non-profit programs, nFocus Solutions’ software suite encompasses tracking/reporting tools that give program administrators in the Canadian non-profit sector just what they need to effectively oversee detailed case management work.

“Nothing will replace the personal component of case management,” nFocus President Ananda Roberts declared. “Our Case Management module is designed to reinforce that component by adding trackability and accountability into the relationship. It’s more than just a transactional concept – it lets case managers monitor and work towards increased progress with their clients, and it does that in a way that is easy to use and available via mobile apps.”

The module also generates individual case plans which allow a client to track and measure the impact of services and interventions. 

Added Ananda Roberts, “It’s just one more instance of our team looking out at the [non-profit] landscape and determining where can we contribute a useful tool to the people on the front lines. Case Management covers another area of the industry we love to serve.”

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