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Measure Participant Progress. Determine specific metrics and connect them with outcomes to track a participant’s improvements
Define Success. Check progress toward goals by defining specific metrics for success
Determine specific metrics and connect them with outcomes to track a participant’s improvements
Watch Them Succeed. See an individual's progress toward defined outcomes on their Participant Management record

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Measure Participant Progress

Outcome Measurement Toolkit helps you set goals for and measure participant progress using our built-in logic models and customizable metrics for success. Ensure that you’re getting the most out of the resources and activities you invest in—and get the outcomes you want.

Using the logic models, you can:

  • Track resources, activities, expected results and desired outcomes
  • Easily review inputs or activities for potential modification to increase participant outcomes
  • Provide funders and organization leaders with a greater understanding of your areas of need

Choose Your Data

Seeing your programs’ impact on your participants can take time. Outcome Measurement Toolkit makes it easier to track their progress and identify trends in attitudes, scores or knowledge by integrating multiple types of data, including survey results.

Define Success

How do you define success?

With Outcome Measurement Toolkit, you’ll create custom metrics for specific goals to help you determine a participant’s progress and where they need to improve. Metrics can then be edited, deleted or exported for future reference and analysis.

Watch Them Succeed

Outcome Measurement Toolkit seamlessly integrates with Participant Management to provide you a complete picture of a participant’s progress.

  • A participant’s data connects with assigned metrics to show you if they are on the right path
  • View a participant’s status related to a specific metric, as well as their status up to a year before
  • Easily see how that person rates against their peers for that particular metric