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Flexible Distribution Options

SurveyTrax provides you the flexibility you need to make sure that your questions and assessments are getting to the people you serve. Your surveys can be distributed through one or multiple ways, including:

  • Automatically generating a custom survey link, which can then be posted on the organization’s website or social media
  • Embedding the survey onto your organization’s website by copying and pasting the code
  • Sending the survey through email to one or a group of participants
  • Printing copies of the survey for in-person completion

Keep it Confidential

Protecting your participants’ privacy is important. With SurveyTrax, you can customize security settings for each survey, including:

  • Allowing anonymous responses to survey questions
  • Limiting access through password protection
  • Masking personally identifiable information

Style it Your Way

SurveyTrax gives you the flexibility to easily create the type of survey that best fits your needs.

  • With our advanced customization, you can create a survey that matches the style, question types and security levels you need
  • You can also save time by copying a built-in template or a template used on a prior survey

Report Your Findings

When you’re surveying your participants, there might be some information you need to look closer at to fully understand their answers. Our flexible reporting features can help you see these patterns.

  • Filter results by gender, age, ethnicity, grade level, household income and more
  • View reports in multiple formats, including .PDF, Excel and in-browser preview