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Stay in Control of Income. Create, manage and charge fees for membership, participation and registration
Retain Updated Records. Gain a seamless way to keep track of transactions and balances
Designed to Work For You. Securely invoice and track partial payments or credits with cash and credit/debit cards
Customize Your Fees. Enter custom fees for each member or household

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Stay in Control of Income

With MoneyTrax, your organization can keep on top of your participants’ fees, payments and credits—ensuring that you never have to worry about organizing a collection of paper receipts again.

  • Easily access a complete record of past transactions, invoices, credits and statements to give you better insight into your financial picture
  • View a participant’s account history on one page, helping you keep track of past payments
  • Apply partial payments to one or multiple charges, giving your participants greater flexibility
  • Invoice, view a statement or completely void a specific charge in a single click of a button

Designed to Work For You

Stay on top of your organization’s finances by efficiently generating invoices for your participants and households. Make sure your records are always accurate by tracking all fees, payments, credits and overdue balances – all in a single system.

Retain Updated Records

With MoneyTrax, you’ll gain a seamless, easy way to keep track of all your transactions and outstanding balances, helping you stay on top of your organization’s finances.

At a glance, you’ll see:

  • Transaction descriptions, dates and amounts
  • Missing or outstanding payments
  • Payment type (cash, credit or check)

Customize Your Fees

With MoneyTrax, your organization has the flexibility to add, change and remove multiple custom fee options. You can set up registration fees for households, members, specific programs and more, as well as minimum payment amounts.