Powerful Nonprofit Outcome Measurement Software Helps You Prove Your Program’s Impact

Sometimes the question is, “Why?”  Why certain programs are succeeding and why others are not.  Our Outcome Measurement Toolkit (OMT) is a real-time, web-based solution that is specifically designed to help you answer not only the “why,” but also the “how,” so you can replicate what works, and adjust what isn’t.

Whether your organization is a single grassroots program or a complex network of facilities and services scattered across the country, you need a tool that can measure the impact your programs are having in the communities you serve.  Our OMT is a foundational building block in your ability to accurately measure and monitor positive outcomes.

This intuitive software guides organizations through the development of logic models — a critical process that leads to successful program planning, evaluation and outcome tracking.  This has become a core requirement that is increasingly in demand by nonprofit and funding organizations.

  • Logic models to capture inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes
  • Data collaboration between schools, OST service providers, funders and community leaders
  • Centralized, community-wide youth data on-demand usage and outcome trends
  • Shared data for longitudinal, qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Automated or ad hoc reports and charts
  • Flexible management of organizational and individual outcome data
  • Identification and consistent measurement of program target audiences and activities

OutCome Measurement Toolkit Product Sheet

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Client Data Security FAQ

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