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Classroom Server is the learning management system for nFocus’ TraxSolutions suite. Classroom Server provides organizations with the ability to track, manage and deliver web-based training to students in virtually any format (SCORM objects, documents, video, audio, etc.)  Classroom Server is completely integrated with Student Management Server and together they provide a proven system for managing training requirements and delivering success.
Classroom Server provides organizations with a robust, yet affordable, learning management system by  providing all of the delivery, tracking, testing, and reporting functionality that most e-learning projects will ever need. It also provides the infrastructure and portal integration for additional integration with existing systems and applications.
Classroom Server can be completely integrated with existing web portals, allowing organizations to maximize their investment in existing technologies and applications. Alternatively, Classroom Server provides a student portal that can be customized to provide students with access to enterprise-wide training resources as well as other corporate data.

  • Support for industry standards: upload SCORM or AICC conformant courses, post any file for reference or add classroom course data. Virtually any piece of information can be stored on and accessed from Classroom Server.

  • Flexible: the system provides the tools necessary to combine diverse training offerings into learning plans, and deliver these plans to the individuals and groups that need them. Administrators also have the ability to configure the site to meet their organization’s unique training requirements.

  • Fully integrated: Classroom Server  is fully integrated with the entire TraxSolutions Training Management Suite, providing unparalleled capabilities for enterprise-wide training management.

  • Single sign on: if you have an existing LDAP database, such as Microsoft Active Directory, Classroom Server can automatically sync user account information and provide single sign-on utilizing your LDAP repository.

  • Robust student management: provide role-based access to courses and other corporate data based on configurable security tokens.

  • Unlimited content: provide students with access to unlimited training resources at no additional cost, there are no per course licensing fees.