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The Curriculum Management Server (CMS) provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use online platform for managing the design, delivery, publication, cost-effectiveness and quality of education courses throughout all stages of the curriculum lifecycle.
CMS also provides an unmatched capability to create, manage, and deliver training standards and education curricula. Utilized by the U.S. Army as the foundation for its CATS Development Tool, the system is flexible enough to meet virtually any training environment.
Curriculum management helps ensure that all students and teams will get the most out of their training and education so they can contribute to society in a meaningful and beneficial way. With CMS, courses of study, or related task groups, are aligned to specific outcomes.
CMS provides the structure and facilitates creation and modification of the curricular catalog, including:

  • Automated workflow and approval for curriculum
  • Course/Task creation, modification and retirement
  • Administrative functionality for all curricular elements, including version control
  • Rules that relate courses and tasks to each other as well as to programs
  • Learning objectives that document and categorize the fundamental goals for learning and training

Additionally, CMS provides enhanced user interaction for:

  • Searching, including the use of keyword search in titles and description
  • Viewing the interdependencies among curricular elements
  • Managing sets of courses that function as a curricular whole
  • Comparing course and program versions with highlighted differences