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Performance Management Server provides organizations with a comprehensive performance management capability that enables the identification, management, development, and measurement of the capabilities and knowledge of people throughout an enterprise.
By taking a strategic, disciplined, enterprise-wide approach to aligning, managing, and measuring performance initiatives, organizations can ensure that their people have the right skills and knowledge to deliver business results and adapt quickly to a fast-changing economic environment.
Performance Management Server provides a comprehensive solution for addressing the strategic goals of organizations. It delivers effective formal and informal training management that is tied to clear business outcomes and strategic initiatives.

  • Identify performance issues based on actual metrics
  • Track and manage ROI of key learning content
  • Maximize investments in courseware and instructor-led training
  • Provide visibility into the organization’s learning practices
  • Integrate with external systems to provide in-depth analytical capabilities
  • Fully configurable to support individual Key Performance Indicators across multiple departments