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Fundamentally, training is teaching—put another way, training is the development of skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies in oneself or others. It is a core component to business and education. Because of this, training must be managed well: simply asking instructors to teach or educate a group of students is not enough.
Student Management Server, part of the TraxSolutions Suite, is designed to provide organizations with the tools they need to effectively manage the entire training process, including the assessment of current competencies, planning effective training, the execution of that training and the review of the results. Further, as the core of our Training Management Suite, Student Management Server enables organizations to track and manage detailed student information.
Beyond managing training for individual students/employees, Student Management Server enables organizations to effectively manage training for teams. Because each group member has roles and responsibilities, the team must train together to understand how the team can operate as a cohesive unit. Student Management Server provides the tools training leaders need to make sure their teams are qualified and ready to work together.

  • Automate training assignments based on custom defined qualifications (i.e., job position, department, etc.)
  • Blended learning with the ability to manage online and offline learning
  • Manage required training by setting dates, duration, and recertification dates which trigger notifications
  • Predictive reports can be used to forecast upcoming training needs for your workforce
  • Analyze position-by-position requirements
  • Integrated training calendar with online registration capabilities
  • Utilized by U.S. Army to manage training for over 2.2 million soldiers and Department of the Army civilians