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Nonprofit organizations that want to improve data quality.


The Police Athletic League of Philadelphia, which offers a variety of constructive after school programs, each staffed by a full-time police officer. The program, which is always free, is operated in 19 centers to more than 18,000 at-risk kids.


Using TraxSolutions to track attendance has helped to change the culture of the Philadelphia PAL program by fostering the trust and confidence of PAL police and youth in terms of computerized tracking; by helping to ensure the safety of PAL kids; and by facilitating accountability to funders and stakeholders.

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Over the next five years, with the aid of the Foundation, we’ll incorporate enhanced performance metrics, fundraising and program management tools that will allow us to do even better what we already do well. The young people of Philly deserve no less.

PAL Executive Director Ted Qualli


In 1947, motivated by the desire to help kids escape the dangers of the streets, police Sergeant Gus Rangnow and several volunteer officers decided to organize baseball, basketball and football free of charge to any North Philadelphia kids who wanted to play. The program was subsequently expanded to into a district sports program intended to foster an improved bond between local police and community youth. In 1949, this popular program – termed the “Police Athletic League” (PAL) – was incorporated as a non-profit organization, and has been growing strong ever since.

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