Nonprofit Impact Measurement

Software to Help Nonprofits Improve Performance Management

Many nonprofits provide for the needs of our most vulnerable and underserved populations.  In the past, nonprofits have lacked the necessary tools to expand their knowledge and better serve their communities.  Now, nonprofits not only can collect, aggregate and analyze data regarding individuals, neighborhoods, schools and communities, but also create benchmarks, track progress, measure performance, determine outcomes and generate reports that can streamline operations, strengthen their effectiveness  and deepen their impact.

Our data-driven, results-oriented software solutions are the reason why we work closely with so many of the most-respected nonprofit organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada.  nFocus Solutions gives nonprofits the ability to monitor, manage and analyze data longitudinally at both the individual and aggregate levels.  By measuring performance, nonprofits can accurately shape the impact they are having in the lives of those they serve.

  • Track and measure the impact of your programs and services
  • Link  activities and individuals you serve to our online logic models to measure outcomes, at both the aggregate and individual levels
  • Manage daily operations
  • Track time and attendance
  • Understand the impact that individual and aggregate dosage has on your program or service
  • Collect consistent, standardized data
  • Use surveys and assessments to standardize data collection throughout your organization or your community
  • Link information from multiple and often disparate systems
  • Demonstrate impact and outcomes reporting for funding accountability
  • Measure outcomes by leveraging our wizard-driven logic models
  • Strengthen donor relationships
  • Increase revenue opportunities while reducing costs and labor

Data derived from TraxSolutions allows nonprofits to identify opportunities to drive change, obtain feedback for improvements and demonstrate actionable results.   In addition, our solutions boost the performance of your organization while allowing you to gain greater insight to powerful data through sophisticated, yet user-friendly analysis and reporting tools, opening new and exciting pathways to opportunity and change.

Nonprofit Outcome Measurement Software Proves You’re Making a Difference

nFocus Solutions is a catalyst for creating opportunity-rich environments, as well as bridging the gap between a nonprofit’s mission and impact. Too often, nonprofits are unable to measure the effect they ultimately have on the people and communities they serve. Without tangible performance management and outcome measurement data, there is no basis for informed decision making. Future generations of children deserve more than our best guess at what they need to succeed.

TraxSolutions allows nonprofits to identify and measure trends and conduct baseline and longitudinal assessments so you can formulate an actionable strategy that will leave a positive, lasting and measurable impact on the individuals you serve.

In addition, it is through this data that nonprofits are able to secure funding.  Today’s funders are less interested in quantity and more interested in the qualitative.   Our solutions give nonprofits the tangible proof they need to secure vital funding.

Much more than just a software company, nFocus Solutions also maintains partnerships with national research organizations like ChildTrends, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research center that studies children at all stages of development, and the Search Institute, an independent, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization committed to helping create healthy communities for every young person.  These two organizations help us provide our clients with access to the brightest minds and most effective practices in the field today, assuring your success.

The alternative is not an option. If our nation fails, the counter narrative will be disastrous.  We will raise entire generations of children that are ill-prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow.  High school dropout rates will continue to rise creating an uneducated and under-skilled workforce that will be incapable of competing in the global workforce.  And, with the scale of unemployment and impending threat of new lay-offs, the spiral of poverty will only deepen.

Defeating these negative, self-perpetuating cycles requires a unified, data-driven solution that can track performance and monitor outcomes, equipping your organization with the results it needs to “make a difference.”

  • Your company demonstrates the same professionalism that we have in the nonprofit world. So my gift to this organization is putting your great system in place, which will benefit our community for years to come.

    Sharlene Karbowski
    Director of Technology and Information Services
    Avenue Scholars Foundation
    Omaha, Neb.