Community Collaboration and Social Services Software for Nonprofits

Our nation has been held hostage by unprecedented economic shifts that have caused many of our citizens to become disenfranchised, and others to be marginalized.  Once prospering communities and neighborhoods are no longer thriving and our schools are spending more time dealing with societal ills and drowning in an endless sea of red tape, than actually teaching.  The current condition of many of our landmark cities and communities is the result of poor decision making, failed public policy initiatives and neglect.  Sadly, as the world becomes more technologically-advanced, we find ourselves struggling to compete in the global marketplace.

Community Solutions

From small communities to large metropolitan cities across the U.S., nFocus Solutions is a catalyst for change by collecting, analyzing and aggregating data that stimulates urban and education renewal in many of our underserved population centers. Bolstered by our web-based nonprofit software technology, cities and communities are connecting the needs of the people with the appropriate resources, thereby bridging the gap between their mission and impact®.

According to America’s Promise Alliance, “Over their working lives, the average high school dropout will have a net fiscal contribution to society of approximately negative $5,200 while the average high school graduate generates a positive lifetime net fiscal contribution of $287,000. The average high school dropout will cost taxpayers over $292,000 in lower tax revenues, higher cash and in-kind transfer costs, and imposed incarceration costs relative to an average high school graduate.”

How do you turn back the tide?  By just targeting the high school dropout rate sweeping the country and reducing it by one percent would effectively save even the smallest states in the union millions of dollars a year.  Reducing it by three to five percent could effectively save hundreds of millions of dollars in state-aided and federal-assistance programs. It would rekindle entire neighborhoods and re-energize our institutions of higher learner.  And because “nearly 60 percent of America’s federal prison inmates and 75 percent of state prison inmates did not complete high school,” according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report, we could further reduce costs associated with our overburdened justice and prison system.

Community Data Aggregation Software to Support Collective Impact

Our solution for reversing negative trends impacting communities today can be found in our unique and powerful community software. It allows leaders of all levels to take charge of the problems plaguing their citizens. Comprised of Community Compass and Community Server, each allows for the seamless aggregation of disparate, content-rich information that can be visually-depicted through GIS mapping technologies based on location. As a result, collective impact initiatives have the data they need to bring meaningful change to those that need it most.

Community Compass and Community Server can also draw from Transportation, Census, Juvenile Justice, Student, Crime and other data sets to give you an accurate, real-time picture of your neighborhood, community or city.  Since a “picture is worth a thousand words,” leaders can now see the visual impact of service gaps that exist in their cities and communities and then match needs to resources to create a powerful vehicle for change.

Longitudinal data can be collected, analyzed and shared horizontally at the local level and vertically at the city, state, regional and national level.  Access to transparent and accurate data empowers residents and civic leaders to engage in coalition building, shape plausible solutions and establish pathways to opportunity.

In addition to supplying our clients with technical solutions, nFocus Solutions also maintains partnerships with national research organizations like ChildTrends, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research center that studies children at all stages of development, and the Search Institute,  an independent, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization committed to helping create healthy communities for every young person.  These two organizations help us provide our clients with access to the brightest minds and most effective practices in the field today, assuring your success.

Results derived from our software solutions lead to greater social intelligence.  And with social intelligence, comes positive and sustainable social change.  Our solutions already are “making a difference” in Boston, Grand Rapids, Houston, Maricopa County, Northwest Indiana, Omaha, Washington, D.C. and Winston-Salem.

  • Your presenters are excellent trainers. I participated in two webinars and was very impressed with the knowledge, helpfulness and professionalism of your staff.


    Maria Ramos Smalling
    San Antonio Education Partnership
    San Antonio, Texas