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nFocus Solutions is dedicated to the development of innovative technologies and intelligent business solutions for the public sector. We are the leading provider of applications that communities, nonprofits and government agencies rely on to make their organizations more effective. Our high-quality data management and analysis software enables our clients to achieve clear, well-defined results that change the world.


We build technology that gives our clients the power to solve big problems and make a positive difference in the world.


Candor – Direct, open and honest dialogue that seeks out the best possible solution for our clients.
Results – An approach to creative problem solving that produces successful outcomes for our clients.
Excellence – An uncompromising passion for continuous improvement, innovation and execution.
Fidelity – A commitment to building relationships based on trust, confidence and loyalty.


At nFocus Solutions, we recognize and appreciate the value that comes from having employees with diverse backgrounds, points of view, and life experiences. Respect for diversity is an integral part of our culture and a critical component of our strategy to deliver the best customer experience.