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Finding real solutions for the challenges facing nonprofits today

Now more than ever, nonprofits across the country are navigating a landscape that is expecting immediate, high-impact results using as few resources as possible. At the same time, organizations are striving to ensure that they are bringing their core vision to life by offering the best programs and services possible.

With more than 20 years of experience partnering with nonprofits of all sizes and missions, we are familiar with the frequent challenges organizations like yours face.

Questions you might be considering include:

Is there an efficient way to manage and report on my program participants?

Report with Participant Management

Your participants are the most important component of your organization. Keeping track of their information, program participation levels and attitudes or behaviors is essential to understanding their needs and how you can help.

Participant Management/KidTrax makes it easy to learn about and report on your participants, their program participation, survey results and more.

How can I show that our participants are improving because of our care?

Plan with Case Management

Your staff works hard to ensure that the proper interventions are in place to help the people you serve progress toward a better life. At the same time, records must be filed, reports generated and information kept secure.

Case Management has the tools you need to create a complete care plan, easily track their records and report progress over time.

How do I show funders our program goals are resulting in tangible outcomes?

Track with Outcome Measurement Toolkit

Foundations, donors and stakeholders are looking for numbers that show how their funding is translating into outcomes. Organizations with those results are leading the pack in getting new grants or renewed funding.

Outcome Measurement Toolkit helps you map program goals, create metrics for success and track progress toward desired outcomes.


Need a comprehensive software suite to improve your organization’s efficiency and impact? TraxSolutions has a wide range of powerful capabilities you can use, including:

  • Participant tracking and reporting
  • Advanced survey creation
  • Case management
  • Outcome measurement
  • Money and fee management
  • Online registration
  • Volunteer and staff management
  • Multiple site reporting