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Technology that helps you make a collective impact

Today’s communities are facing multiple large-scale, complex challenges that affect their ability to improve the lives of their citizens. To make a substantial impact, communities have to understand the many circumstances their community’s citizens face and what solutions are needed to improve those circumstances.

As the preferred technology partner of multiple communities across the nation, we know the difficult process your community leaders face in tackling these challenges head on.

Questions you might be considering include:

How do I make sense of all of my community’s data and ensure I’m seeing the complete picture?

Understand with Data Warehouse

There are many different circumstances that can impact the well-being of your community’s citizens. To completely understand the most effective ways to improve their lives, you need access to many sources of data and the ability to distill the information down so it makes sense.

Community Solutions Data Warehouse overlays census, academic, crime and other information onto a community map so you can see what’s going on—and make informed, impactful decisions.

What’s the best way to connect our citizens to our community’s programs?

Connect with Community Compass

Your community works hard to ensure that a variety of programs and services are available to the people that need them most. However, in many cases your citizens might not know those programs exist or how to access them, leaving those services underused.

Community Compass helps your citizens connect with and register for your community’s programs, all in a single web-based portal.