Performance Measurement Software for Your Nonprofit

KidTrax is a comprehensive youth management and tracking system that combines ID cards, scanning technology, data entry and reporting systems into one user-friendly, web-based program.  No more pencils!  No more hassles!

Our powerful solution manages performance and measures outcomes through an easy-to-use interface that will boost your organization’s productivity and program success by transforming ordinary data into meaningful results.  With KidTrax, you can collect data, monitor progress, identify and analyze trends and generate stock and custom reports.

The work you do every day plays a pivotal role in helping our youth overcome the challenges they face. Let KidTrax simplify your day-to-day routine so you can spend less time on administrative burdens, and more time on “making a difference.”

Managing Performance Measuring Outcomes

Capture and maintain basic demographic information such as birthdays, gender and ethnicity, or keep more comprehensive records such as participation in government assistance programs and insurance status. Customize the data fields, so you are managing the performance and measuring the outcomes most important to your organization and your funders.

Streamline Front Desk Operations

KidTrax integrates with our Trax Attendance Manager (TAM) so you can quickly scan members in and out of facilities and activity areas.  TAM’s entry kiosk displays messages to members and provides valuable information for staff, including membership status, payments due and authorization status.

Return on Investment

The return on investment for a funder is the impact your organization is having in the community.  With stock and custom reporting features, you not only can quickly generate and display the information your organization and funders need, but also export data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Integrating and Sharing Data

KidTrax offers a stable and secure method for sharing data. Using secure web services, agencies and different program sites can share data in real time or near real time for better analysis. 

Your Data is Safe and Secure

Alleviate your upfront investment in hardware, network architecture, database management and storage.  KidTrax data is hosted and stored on a redundant platform with daily data backups to an off-site electronic repository.

Scanning Technology

The Trax Orbit Scanner boasts a powerful and sturdy, omni-directional laser that can quickly and efficiently scan barcodes. The Trax Orbit Scanner is compatible with all TraxSolutions ID cards and designed for applications where counter space is at a premium.

KidTrax Product Sheet

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Client Data Security FAQ

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