Powerful Community Software that Simplifies Community Planning

Community Server is a comprehensive web-based solution that aggregates data from multiple sources giving you a holistic, real-time view of your community’s needs, as well as its social programs and services designed to address those needs.

Our software can overlay community and city specific information, such as Census data, crime statistics, juvenile justice data, student information and more, to give your leaders the most realistic and accurate portrait of your community and/or city possible.  With the power to also analyze patterns, detect trends and evaluate public policy programming, Community Server is a decision maker’s definitive tool.

With the unique ability to blend quantitative and qualitative data together, community and city leaders now have an accurate and meaningful snapshot of their cities and communities – areas of growth, concern and promise all in one visual representation.   By geographically mapping different data sets with the locations of community-based programs and services, leaders make better decisions because they can actually visualize the meaning behind the data.

    • Visualize disparate types of data to analyze geographic and demographic trends
    • Aggregate data from dozens of sources including community-based organizations, federal and state repositories, commercial databases and more
    •  Track and analyze vital data both with and without spatial components. The integrated geocoding capabilities enable accurate and efficient analysis of a wide range of geographic data
    • Generate Quantitative Information
      • Know which services are offered and used most often
      • Determine the number and frequency of services provided, reported by specific demographics
      • Measure impact and outcomes through a fully-integrated toolset that allows you to track and report both point-in-time and longitudinally
    • Generate Qualitative Information
      • Surveys–Assessments for program participants
      • Dosage–Analysis of time and attendance by program
      • Aggregate Data–Integration of third-party data, such as grades and school attendance
      • Logic Models–Automated logic models provide real-time insight to determine whether programs and services are achieving their desired impact


Community Server Product Sheet

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Client Data Security FAQ

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