Innovative Nonprofit Performance and Outcome Measurement Software Makes Local Resources More Accessible than Ever Before

If “a picture is worth a thousand words,” what is a visual representation of all of the real-time, critical data about your community or city on a digital map worth? Our clients tell us, “priceless.”

Community Compass is an advanced web-based software system developed by nFocus Solutions that allows communities and cities to collect and aggregate vital information. Users can locate schools, community-based organizations, public transportation access points, police and fire stations and other important community services very quickly and efficiently through one solution.

Now, not only can community and city residents quickly and efficiently search and locate the services they need, but also leaders can identify areas of concern early, and then dedicate the right resources to the problem, before it elevates to the status of issue.

In addition, Community Compass can identify social service gaps based on geography and need, while saving taxpayers and nonprofits money by avoiding duplication of effort. With Community Compass, leaders and nonprofits alike can create dynamic, positive change in their communities.

  • Automatically populate community maps with programs and activities
  • Make services more accessible through search listings
  • Increase accessibility to all programs and services
  • Offer online registration directly from search results
  • Calculate the number and frequency of services provided
  • Create and manage a complete taxonomy of programs and services offered within a community, making it easier to compare programs across organizations and geographies
  • Allow viewing program locations and public transportation routes to ensure accessibility of programs
  • Offer “one-stop” access to all programs and activities across the community
  • Integrate mapping and directions to locate programs and services that are close to  schools, homes and places of employment

Community Compass Product Sheet

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Client Data Security FAQ

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