Next-Generation Case Management Software for Nonprofits

Many nonprofits and community-based organizations have more in-depth tracking requirements, whether they assist at-risk youth or help address an individual’s special needs. Our Case Management software is for those who require a deeper level of understanding of the progress being made by the individuals and communities they serve.

With that in mind, the integrated web-based module gives you an extra level of security, since the information you collect may be highly sensitive. This software also allows you to set access restrictions for an additional layer of protection.

Knowing that the amount of funding nonprofit organizations compete for in a given year is finite, our Case Management solution is designed to demonstrate return on investment. The difference between your organization being funded, or not, hinges on your ability to accurately monitor performance and measure outcomes.

  • Acquire Theory of Change capability to track milestones, gains and changes made by participants after each contact with staff members
  • Track in-depth and detailed information about participants, indicators, staff and case manager interactions, goals, attachments, results and assessments
  • Monitor all interactions and contacts with participants including phone calls, e-mails, individual and peer counseling and more
  • Enter detailed information regarding a participant’s environment and situation using intake form
  • Create detailed action plans for participants, providing the ability for review of participant goals as well as the steps needed to accomplish the goals
  • Manage an unlimited number of custom indicators in various formats including short answer, multiple check, dropdown, list box, numeric and more


Case Management Product Sheet

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Client Data Security FAQ

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