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Nonprofit Performance Measurement Software
KidTrax®: Performance Measurement and Analysis Software

Monitor performance and measure outcomes through an easy-to-use interface that will boost your organization’s productivity and your program’s success. KidTrax gives you the ability to tell your story effectively and accurately, to your community and to your Funders.

Nonprofit Fee Management
MoneyTrax®: Nonprofit Fee Management

MoneyTrax provides a complete money management system, including online registration, fee management and payment tracking. Our solution generates powerful reports that not only impress funders, but also become the foundation for writing successful grants.


The most important asset in any organization is its people.  Maximize their potential…put them in StaffTrax. Track time and attendance and integrate directly with the most popular payroll systems available. Manage detailed and confidential information such as demographics, background checks, drug screenings, work experience, salary, benefit packages and other human resource data.


TeamTrax is a comprehensive management software application for coaches. It allows you to create teams, manage players, and assign coaches.


Volunteers are the heartbeat of your organization.  Keep them fully-engaged in your mission by managing their time wisely with VolunteerTrax.  Track time and attendance and manage detailed information such as background checks, demographic information and volunteer experience to better match the needs of your organization to their particular skill set.

Nonprofit Outcome Measurement Software
Outcome Measurement Toolkit®

Why is a program achieving success? Why is a similar program not? Our Outcome Measurement Toolkit (OMT) monitors performance and measures outcomes to help you answer not only the “why,” but also the “how,” so you can replicate what works.

Case Management

Acquire a deeper level of understanding of the progress being made by specific individuals in your community and gain a greater level of sensitivity and security with our Case Management solution.  In addition, demonstrate return on investment and assure continued funding with increased analytics and logic models.

Community Software
Community Center: Community Software

Quickly detect and reverse adverse trends and identify critical service gaps in your cities and communities through the power of visualization with two very powerful data-driven solutions: Community Compass® and Community Server®.

Community Software
Community Compass®

Community Compass is a powerful navigational tool that provides one-stop access and registration capabilities for community programs and services. Visualize data, identify service gaps, align needs with resources and drive comprehensive change

Community Software
Community Server®

Aggregate quantitative and qualitative data together, so community leaders have an accurate snapshot of their cities and communities – areas of growth, concern and promise all in one visual representation. Utilize GIS mapping technology and apply logic models to determine if programs are achieving desired impact over time.

Training Management

We are honored to be “bridging the gap” between mission and impact for critical components of our government and national defense by transforming raw, disparate data into actionable training intelligence.  We are the technology “training backbone” for the U.S. Army, ensuring 1.4 million active and reserve Soldiers and civilians across the globe are always mission ready.


GeoSuite™ is a web-based, multimedia system that provides advanced situational awareness and information sharing for public safety personnel, including police officers, search and rescue workers and first responders. Users collect, report and share real-time information for enhanced decision-making and effective response during emergencies, public events or Operations Center management.

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