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Integrate Your Data

With GeoSuite, you’ll get a live update of an event and first-responder locations.

  • See immediate updates
  • Color coding and priority levels are displayed
  • Live sensor feeds from cameras allow for on-the-scene views

Collaborate Across Agencies

Whether you’re in the fusion center,  remote operations center, or mobile, all users can collaborate using the same common operating picture view of layered information from multiple sources.

Tailor Your System

GeoSuite is adaptable and can be used in any area regardless of the challenging terrain or region.

  • Hosted on a cloud based server
  • Rugged field servers are used when communication is down
  • A mobile app is utilized by tactical teams for immediate reporting

See The Trends

GeoSuite records and maintains the event data for after-action reporting, training and refining your mission operations.