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The Case Studies below illustrate how we have helped our clients succeed. Our experience, technology and resourcefulness have allowed us to succeed where others have failed. We are dedicated to resolving large-scale social problems and achieving positive outcomes, and we are the technology partner of choice for forward-looking public sector organizations.

After 15 years of growth from a small afterschool group to a full-standing facility, ICAN wanted to ensure their new life-skills based programs were making a long-term impact on the youth it served. To effectively track and evaluate their programs, the organization adopted nFocus’ KidTrax and VolunteerTrax. Through the use of these solutions, ICAN has gained stronger youth and volunteer management, streamlined operations and, ultimately, increased program funding through robust reporting.

After experiencing a spike in membership, the Boys & Girls Club of Green Bay realized it needed an easy-to-use and secure membership management system to help it track attendance across programs. With the support of nFocus’ KidTrax and Outcome Measurement Toolkit, the Club has benefitted from stronger reporting and data management functionality. It has also been able to make stronger appeals to funders with data-driven results.

Through a data-sharing partnership with local school districts, the Boys & Girls Club of the Midlands found that its members had below grade-level reading scores. In response, the Club launched a new program for which it needed a strong data tracking system. The Club has found success with the support of nFocus’ KidTrax, MoneyTrax, Case Management and VolunteerTrax solutions, which help it better manage data, drive efficiencies and improved program planning.

The City of Boston sought a solution that would further improve the collection and use of data to support its results-oriented approach to youth development. Boston chose to utilize a new alliance between nFocus Solutions and Search Institute to distribute the Developmental Assets Profile within SurveyTrax. The tool gives them an automatic, electronic evaluation of the City’s youth and allows them to make targeted improvements to drive high-impact results.

After experiencing exponential growth in membership, the Boys & Girls Club of Maury County shifted its emphasis from a superficial tracking process to becoming more data driven. In consequence, the Club realized it needed a more advanced membership tracking solution, and found success with the support of nFocus Solutions’ TraxSolutions.

Data is a crucial element in Avenue Scholars Foundation’s focus on changing the outcome of Omaha’s most underserved youth. After realizing that disparate, rudimentary systems weren’t cutting it when it came to data management, Avenue Scholars Foundation selected nFocus Solutions for greater reliability and scalability. Today’s the nonprofit has successfully streamlined operations and improved processes, leading to a significant time savings on administrative tasks. Avenue Scholars Foundation is also better able to plan programs, evaluate progress and track outcomes with the support of nFocus.

In 2009, nFocus Solutions began implementation of TraxSolutions® to support the Boston Centers for Youth & Families (BCYF) in tracking the enrollment and participation of youth and families across 38 city-operated community center sites within the City of Boston. BCYF was challenged with tracking participation and measuring outcomes, without duplicating the count of participants across sites and programs.

Led by people and organizations who believe in the unlimited potential of all students, Believe 2 Become (B2B) is a multi-year, data-driven, community initiative working to close the academic achievement gap in four Grand Rapids neighborhoods. Driven by the goal to help children succeed in school, work and life, the initiative operates in close collaboration with Grand Rapids Public Schools.

The United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta partnered with the Georgia Department of Human Resources, the Governor’s Office for Children and Families, and a local family foundation to fund a pilot project involving 15 sites in the metropolitan Atlanta area. The pilot was developed to provide a methodology to create common youth outcomes across funding sources and to demonstrate program value based on specific outcomes at the agency level.

The Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust (Piper Trust) and Valley of the Sun United Way are collaborating on an evaluative learning project with a group of seven non-profit agencies providing afterschool care in Maricopa County, Ariz. All participating organizations are grantees of both the Piper Trust and Valley of the Sun United Way.

South Shore Connection is a regional collaborative effort in Northwest Indiana between community groups and school districts to help students reach their educational potential by tracking school performance and participation in after-school community programs.

The focus on outcome measurement and program impact has changed grant requirements. Many grants now establish specific service and reporting requirements before awarding funds. Organizations unable to comply do not receive the funds, leaving allocated service dollars unused.

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