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This case study is intended for non-profit organizations who want to improve the quality, completeness, and timeliness of data in their participant management systems.


Boys & Girls Clubs of King County (BGCKC), a network of 30 Club sites and child care centers around Seattle, WA, sought to measure how many children were benefiting from participating in their summer learning loss prevention programs.


Using a change management strategy and nFocus Solutions’ KidTrax™ software, BGCKC was able to demonstrate expanded program reach and improved youth outcomes.

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The benefits of relationship-building and a strong data culture can make impacts beyond any individual grant or reporting requirement. Engaging in this change process thoughtfully can lay the foundation for your organization to become a true learning organization that keeps young people and their academic, personal, and socio-emotional development at the center of your work.

Evan McKittrick, Vice President of Quality, Impact, and Partnerships, Boys & Girls Clubs of King County


In 2014, Boys & Girls Clubs of King County (BGCKC) launched Summer Brain Gain, a national program designed to prevent summer learning loss for low-income students. While the program felt successful at the close of the summer, BGCKC leaders had no hard data to understand the reach of the program in their own region.

This case study describes how, over the next two years, BGCKC designed and implemented an internal change management strategy to build up the people, processes, and technology needed to get 100% of their Summer Brain Gain sites reporting real-time program data in nFocus Solutions’ KidTrax database. As a result, in 2016, they had accurate, timely, and complete data showing that the Summer Brain Gain program had reached almost 2,000 children – representing an average increase in program reach of over 15%-25% at each of their 27 program sites.

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